I Think I Accidentally Took a Nude Cruise

SE Asia Chronicles – Koh Phangan, Thailand
Day 11-12: Full Moon Party Week – Part 2/3

So you’ve made it this far. We’re a couple days in, we’ve met some important characters, we’ve had some fun. I’ll try to keep things interesting, but I’ll have to continue to censor some things out. Okay, so it’s time for things to get weird. Today was the booze cruise. A bunch of people from the hostel piled into a two-story boat and set off for the ocean. As the boat took off, so did everyone’s dignity.

Friendship bracelets
The tiny blue string on my wrist = Friendship

The 8 of us (me, Bri, Kaitlin, Emma, Matt, Colin, Jarred and Brodie) were hanging out downstairs, while mostly everyone else was upstairs. I found a bit of blue fishing line that flew onto the boat, so I tore it into 8 pieces and made us all friendship bracelets. *Awh*

I told you it was like summer camp.

After a while, we went upstairs and realized why everyone was up there. The open bar was there. All the yes! Drink drink drink. Rage rage rage. The boat eventually stopped and we all jumped in. For some reason, all of the guy felt it was necessary to strip down naked and jump off the boat. Note: THE GUYS. Not the girls. One by one, the boat became one full of dicks and drinks…and unimpressed girls. While it was definitely amusing, it was a little disturbing. You did NOT want to make the mistake of putting your goggles on and swimming under water. *cough Emma cough*

So. Many. Sea. Snakes. *shudder*

Booze cruisin
Booze cruisin’ with these fools (and more)

So the boat was stopped, the guys were naked, things were weird. People were doing flips, swan dives and cannon balls off of the boat, drinks were being poured off of the top balcony in attempt to reach someone’s mouth in the ocean, and I’m pretty sure at one point we were eating Thai food while floating in the water.  Once everyone decided enough was enough, the boys put their swim shorts back on and we all continued to drink on the boat again. The boat cruised the around island while Bri and Emma became self-proclaimed bartenders and started pouring people way too much liquor. We’ll just end the cruise right here and fast forward to the end of the night.

Tonight consisted of more buckets and DANCING. All I wanted to do was dance. I spent a good portion of the night lost, dancing with strangers. At the end of the night, I found Kevin (Netherlands) and Chris (England) so we all walked back to the hostel together, talked for a bit and then crashed.

Day 12 = Jungle Party! Woot!

Jungle party OG crew
OG Jungle Party crew

Well, a lot of stuff happened before the Jungle Party, but nothing that will interest you. Massages, shopping, face painting, etc. Soon it was 2 AM and our taxis arrived to take us to the Jungle Party. Note, the Jungle Party isn’t really in the jungle, in the normal sense of the word. But there were so many crazy people there, it felt like a jungle. Within 10 minutes of being there, I got lost from the group. I think I’ve gotten lost every night since I’ve been here.

Seems to be a trend… Hmm…   

I eventually found Emma and we danced the night away. At the end of the night, we found Peter (England) and Alex (England.) And we ended up hanging out with them for a bit while some random dude was passed out nearby.

Full Moon Week to be continued…

Jungle Party with these hooligans
Peter, Me, Alex, Emma, Random drunk dude

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